The members and chairman of the Association of Independent Journalists of Afghanistan met with the Director of Information and Culture of Kandahar Province 

Wed, Feb 07 2024 3:19 PM

Wednesday (7th of February, 2024), the head of Afghanistan Free Journalists' Association, Hojatullah Mujadadi, and the members of the said association met with Inamullah Samangani, Director of Information and Culture of Kandahar Province.
Mr. Samangani shared comprehensive information about the activities of journalists and media in Kandahar and said that we are ready for any kind of cooperation with the journalists taking into consideration the religious values and the national values.
Mr. Mujadidi said that he has traveled to different provinces of the country, there he evaluated the media and the situation of the reporters, and in this regard, the situation in Kandahar is very good. He gave the assurance of possible cooperation in order to solve the problems and needs in some areas.
This corresponds to a time when a one-day training workshop was held by this association for a number of journalists from Kandahar province yesterday.
Likewise, 200 volumes of different books were also handed over to the Public Library of the Department of Information and Culture of Kandahar province by the Association of Independent Journalists of Afghanistan.

تازه ترین اخبار

Wed, Feb 21 2024 2:23 PM
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7 Pieces of Artifacts Seized in Nangarhar Province were Handed over to the Museum Management

Wednesday (21st of February) 7 pieces of artifacts seized a few days ago at the Torkham Border of Nangarhar province, which were handed over to the Department of Information and Culture. . .

Wed, Feb 21 2024 2:21 PM
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The Director of Information and Culture of Kapisa Province Supervised “Tanin” News Radio

Yesterday, the Director of Information and Culture of Kapisa Province, Maulawi Karimullah Wasiq, who was also accompanied by the Manager of National Radio and Television Ahmed Shah. . .

Tue, Feb 20 2024 2:01 PM
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The meeting for the establishment of Aburehan Al-Biruni scientific and research Seminar was held

A meeting of the Joint Committee of the Department of People's Culture of the Ministry of Information and Culture to organize an academic and research seminar on the identity of Abu. . .