“Translation Has Most Important Impact On Human Transformation,” Sancharaki

Mon, Oct 28 2019 11:44 PM
سانچارکی: ترجمه تاثیر مهم در دگرگونی های ژرف بشری دارد

In a ceremony held yesterday by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Meiotic  Afghanistan and Sayeed Publishers, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Sayed Aqa Hussain Sancharaki briefed related to translation and its values in human community, saying that the translation movement has been always in advance to big changes of human society.
“When we refer to the history, we see that Muslims translated scientific and academic works of old Greeks, Iranians and Indians on 2nd lunar century and later on the western society started translating scientific works of Muslims, causing the Renaissance period and big academic and cultural changes in the West,” said Sancharaki.
He added that translation had significant impact on deep human transformation as Egypt’s big change during 18-19 centuries was because of translation of foreigners’ works.
Related to profession of translation, Sancharaki said that translator was translating not only the words, but creating work by using art and beauty.
Sancharaki further said that steps were underway to professionalize the profession of translation so that ways could be paved for youth who were working in this field and on the other hand, it could prevent from non-profession works.
In the ceremony attended also by a number of university lecturers and cultural figures, deputy spokesperson to President Durani Wazir, head of Canadian women for Women in Afghanistan Latifa Majidi, head of Afghanistan Meiotic Hamid Zazai and presidential candidate Faramarz Tamana spoke and asked the government to name a day to honor the profession of translation.

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