‘Media Should Remain Impartial in Presidential Election Coverage’

Wed, Aug 07 2019 3:06 PM
نشست هماهنگی میان وزارت اطلاعات و فرهنگ و رسانه ها برگزار شد

Chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi a coordinative meeting was held between the ministry and the media on Wednesday, BNA reported.
According to BNA, the meeting was attended by a number of government and private media outlets, in which the acting minister Ms. Hasina Safi emphasized for further cooperation and coordination between the media and the ministry.
“The media should impartially cover the presidential elections,” the acting minister reiterated.
The minister also asked the media for doing their best to cover reports about the upcoming 100th Independence anniversary of the country and assured them of her led ministry full cooperation through the state-run media in this field, according to the agency.
Meantime, Fazel Sancharaki, the deputy minister of information and culture called the meeting held between the two sides very effective in the reinforcing of the spirit of cooperation and sincerity between the media and said the media role was valuable in the reflection of the truths, but emphasized that they should adopt impartially in covering the presidential election reports.

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