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Consultancy Services: Project Coordinator

Duty Station: Kabul/Logar


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Extractives for Development

Consulting Services: Individual Consultant

Project ID: P159402

Number of Vacancies: 01

Ref: MoIC/AE4D/CT-018-2




The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received a grant from the World Bank toward the cost of achieving Afghanistan Extractives for Development.  The Project is being implemented through a Program Management Unit (PMU) within the Ministry of Information & Culture. The PMU is now seeking a well-qualified individual’s consultant for the position of Project Coordinator.

Job Summary:

The Project Coordinator will work under direct supervision of the Archaeology Institute Director. He/she is responsible to closely liaise between office of the Deputy Minister for Culture, Department of the Archaeology, Project site staff, Donor and other stakeholders. Attend highly level internal and external meetings, collect the required data, analyze the data and provide reports, briefs, and make presentations to H.E the Deputy Minister and regularly update the AIA Director and H.E The Deputy Minister about any progress made.

Duties & Responsibilities
The main duties and responsibilities of Project Coordinator are comprised of the following;

  • Manage and coordinate project activities, from substantive, procurement and financial points of view, applying strategic planning and systematic coordination of project activities.


  • Manage day-to-day project implementation and overall coordination of project outcomes.


  • Ensure supervision of the Project personnel and ensure effective communication and coordination between the Project offices and the MoIC and /or its directorates.


  • Provide direction and leadership in advocating project objectives and in ensuring that all interested parties are well informed about the project activities and goals.


  • Identify any support and advice required for the management, planning, and control of the Project.


  • Ensure timely preparation and compilation of the Project Annual/Quarterly Work Plans and Progress/Final substantial, financial and procurement reports and its submission to WB and other related agencies as appropriate. 


  • Plan, organize and participate in the transparent tender bidding or request for proposal processes for the selection of implementing partners for sub-projects and ensure the preparation of clear tender bidding evaluation reports. 


  • Ensure the quality of outputs and results with optimal monitoring mechanisms; establish effective coordination, monitoring, information sharing, and reporting systems.


  • Project supervision, including field trips as necessary, donor coordination, annual work plans and schedules, organising periodic evaluation of the Project's components and consultants, coordinating the participation in the Project of the public institutions and private entities involved or concerned, coordinating the establish of annual training programs and reporting and follow up of Project activities.


  • Liaison with and between the Project, World Bank, and the Minister of Information & Culture in regard to technical, administrative and financial aspects of the execution of the Project including submission requests for No Objection to the World Bank. Prepare quarterly progress reports to the MoIC (and for onward transmission to the World Bank by MoIC) of the progress of the Project's activities and of any delays in the execution of the work plan. Supervise and monitor the compliance of the Covenants of the Grant Agreement by the Ministry of Information & Culture and the other institutions involved. The director will also liaise with MoMP and UNECO.


  • Coordination with donor and project in relate to preparing the yearly budget of the Project, review the budget execution of the Project in comparison with the physical realization of the planned activities;


  • Coordinate and follow up all the procurement activities of the Project; sign contracts and engagements and purchase orders according to the Director’s delegated authority; Ensure the operation of an accounting system and procedures adequate to the World Bank norms and national regulations;


  • Supervise and coordinate the preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports to be submitted to the World Bank; Provide the necessary assistance for the timely realization of the external audit;
  • Ensure that the primary client, the Ministry of Information & Culture are provided with timely and robust advice on all matters relating to the exploration and sustainable development of Afghanistan’s Heritage


  • Attend all related Parties coordination meetings (Internal & External), preparation of presentation if required and provide updates to the office of Minister / Deputy Minister.


  • Guide and orient efforts and contributions of consultants, staff and government counterparts towards the achievement of project objectives.  Mobilize goods and services to initiate activities, including drafting TORs and work specifications.


  • Assist in the development of the gender mainstreaming strategy and ensure the mainstreaming of gender into all departments


  • Manage Project administrative and security-related activities, monitor financial resources, accounting and procurement process to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports and award of contracts.


  • Participate in the transparent and competitive selection, recruitment, supervision and mentoring of respective project staff according to the WB procedure.


  • Ensure proper professional relationships with relevant national and international partner agencies, relevant developing programs/projects.


  • Ensure proper professional relationships with community leaders, local NGOs and other Community Based Organizations


  • Establish and maintain relationships and act as the key focal point with WB to ensure that all programming, financial and procurement matters related to the Project are transparently, expediently and effectively managed, in line with established WB Rules and Regulations.


  • Verify and channel all requests for Project, procurement and finance


  • Manage the transfer of Project deliverables, documents, files, equipment and materials as per the standards WB procedures.


  • Ensure establishment and maintenance of proper electronic and paper filing systems.


  • Maximize effectiveness and efficiency within the ministry and note any duplication and report to the office of the Deputy Minister.


  • Perform any other tasks and assignments as required by H.E Minister and/or Deputy Minister for Culture Affairs and Director of Archaeology.



Reporting obligation:

  • The Project Coordinator shall report to the Director of Archaeology Institute as his/her direct supervisor and the related MoIC Deputy Ministers

Qualification and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Relations or other related fields, master degree will be preferred
  • At least 5 years work experience with large scale projects, experience with Donor community.
  • Must have strong Monitoring and Evaluation expertise, data collections, data analysis and report writing skills.
  •  Excellent interpersonal and communication and report writing skills 
  • Knowledge of Computer software’s and Ms. Office 
  • Language: Strong English Skills-Written and Spoken, Strong Dari or Pashtu Skills-Written and Spoken
  • Should be creative, energetic, reliable, and full initiative.
  • Willing to work under pressure, and long hours
  • Good team player who can work as a member of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (revised Jan 2011).


Expressions of interest (including CV and three referees) and educational documents should be sent to the email address below by no later than 16:00 hours (local time) aforementioned Date. The position title must be quoted on all correspondence and the Expression of interest.


Ministry of Information & Culture, Program Management Unit (PMU)

Attention: Mr. Ahmad Zia Anwari

HR Directorate, 4th floor, Ministry of Information & Culture.

Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Email: and

Office phone: +93 (0)202105435