An Academic Seminar was held in appreciation of the cultural and poetic services of the late epic and heroic poet Mullah Dar Mohammed Gohari

Sun, Jun 04 2023 9:24 AM


The meeting was organized by the Department of Information and Culture of Logar Province in appreciation of the cultural and poetic services of the late epic and heroic poet and cultural figure, Mullah Dar Muhammad Gohari, in which many administrative officials, cultural figures, poets, writers, and youth participated.
In the beginning, Rafiullah Samim, Director of Information and Culture of Logar Province, said that the late Gohari, other than working in the areas of strengthening the ranks of the 20-year holy jihad through the Islamic system, literature, and also songs and poetry, he has also performed countless services, and unforgettable efforts in keeping the field of struggle and the struggle alive.
Mr. Samim added that in addition to a number of printed collections of the works of late Gohari, many segments of his works have not yet been printed, the remaining works should be collected with the cooperation of the aforementioned officials and printed in the form of a collection and presented to the readers and fans. 
After that, the Master of Pashto Language teacher Atal Mashwani presented his essay on the poetic style of Late Gohari and called it Rahman Baba's style and requested the relevant authorities to not hesitate in cooperating with the publication of poetry collections. 
Also, the governor of Paktika Province Maulvi Abdullah Hussaini said, Mr. Gohari expressed the peoples, widows, orphans and society with the tip of his pen and the language of poetry in such a way that examples of his works can be found very few. He added that, it is a place of pride that we have gathered today in the academic seminar of commemorating such a great Sufi, patriotic and Islamic poet at the country level, whose poems portray the images of the society.
Also, poets Mechanic Zalmi, Mohammad Nazirz Ahad, Mirzaman Zahidmal and Ahmad Gul Ahmadi shared poems and hymns composed in praise of late Mullah Dar Muhammad Gohari to the participants.
It is worth mentioning that late Mullah Dar Muhammad Gohari was born in a pious family in the Ibrahim Khel area of Baraki Barak district in the year 1333. Besides his primary education, he had graduated from Haqqaniyyah Darul Uloom. During his life, he was the press officer of various institutions, the Director of Art and Literature of the National Television, and also the editor of a number of magazines. He passed away on the 10th of the month of Dalwa, 1401, at the age of 68 and was buried in his ancestral cemetery in Ibrahim Khel area of Baraki Barak district.


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