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Biography and Scientific Works of Abdul Bari Jahani


The literary figures are unanimously agreed Abdul Bari Jahani is a shining star of the contemporary Pashto literature.

Mr.Jahani has become widely popular that there is no need for his introduction. Jahani’s art has now gained global reputation, He is now at every Afghan home.

There is no place in the world, where Afghans are living are not acquainted with Jahani’s art, particularly his poems.

Several conferences and seminars are held around the world and more than one hundred articles and poems are written in his honor a book is also published on his works ‘Jahani Jan’. However, his world of art is as wide as one could conduct research about and is impossible to limit his works in a book or paragraph. But, in this article, efforts are made to briefly focus on the biography of Mr. Jahani and his published and unpublished books, which are as follow: