Artists Won Award in MoIC Competition

Thu, Sep 15 2022 12:09 PM

The Ministry of Information and Culture has awarded some of the Afghan culture and artists who participated in the cultural and artistic competition of the solar year 1401.
The deputy of the Ministry Mohajer Farahi for publications affairs said at a function held on the occasion in the capital Kabul, that punishment and rewards are the principles of good governance and the Islamic Emirate is committed to this principle.

Farahi called such programs important and useful for increasing the abilities of young generations.
Afterward, Mawlawi Atiqullah Azizi, Deputy Minister of Culture affairs said that the program of cultural and artistic awards is a crushing response to those who claim that the Islamic Emirate violates the rights of cultural and artistic people.
Azizi criticized that some biased media are trying to terminate the Islamic Emirate on the basis of foreign intelligence, by presenting a wrong image of Afghanistan to the world.
He assured us that the Islamic Emirate will not allow anyone to destroy the system.
Meanwhile, a number of cultural artists, who participated in the awarding ceremony, thanked the Islamic Emirate and assured them that they will continue their artistic and cultural activities, for the cultural enrichment of Afghanistan.
In the 1401 cultural and artistic competition, 408 cultural and artistic works were nominated for awards, of which 111 artistic works have won awards.
The competition of cultural and artistic awards was launched for the first time in 1367, and since then it has continued intermittently.
Later to this, the officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture opened an exhibition on the sidelines of the cultural and artistic awards function, where numerous cultural and artistic works were displayed.

تازه ترین اخبار

Thu, Sep 28 2023 11:52 AM
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Thu, Sep 28 2023 11:42 AM
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Efforts are Being Made to Promote the Tourism Industry in Baghlan Province 


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A Short History of Islam Exam Was Taken From Hundreds of Young People 


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