Media policy َAdvisor and spokesperson

Mufti Abdul Matin Qani
—Media Policy Advisor and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Information and Culture and responsible person for public relations (foreign and domestic)—

Education In Islamic and Religious Sciences
1- Islamic Sciences at Dar al-Oom Zakaria University (RA) in (Islamabad, Pakistan).
2- Specialist in the Field of Debate, Guidance, and Culture at Jamiat Al-Rashid University (Karachi, Pakistan).
3- Specialist in Arabic language and Literature ( في اللغة العربیة و أدبها ) at Ibn Abbas University (Karachi, Pakistan).
4- An expert in Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic research, and Professional Debate in Islam at Akora Khatak (Peshawar, Pakistan).

Contemporary Sciences
1- Bachelor's Degree in Islamiat and Shariah at the International Federal Board of Islamabad, Pakistan.
2- Diploma in courses of leadership, administration and public management and politics.

1- Journalism 
2- Professional Speaking/Speech
3- Biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
4- History.
5- Geography.
6- Intellectual Warfare.
7- Preaching and techniques of Preaching (Muslim and non-muslim).
8- Confrontation between religions.
9- Rejecting Atheism and (al-Mulhidiya).
10- Ending of the Prophethood (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
11.-Modern Philosophy 

Expertise in Languages
1- Arabic.
2- Farsi.
3- Pashto.
4- Urdu.
5- English (50%) fifty percent.

Work Experience
1- Head of the Office of the First General Deputy of National Security and Intelligence of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.