Dept of Public Awareness to be Add in the Frames of Govt Offices: Farahi

Sun, Oct 09 2022 3:07 PM

Deputy Minister of Publications Farahi in a press conference in Herat says that the Department of Public Awareness will be added in the formation of the government office to ease journalists' access to information timely.

The Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is planning to review Afghanistan Mass media and Access to Information Laws said Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi, during a press conference in Herat city.

“We know that most media institutions are suffering from various challenges, including financial, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strives to address the matter,” Farahi added.

Later, Mawlana Naeem ul Haq Haqqani, the head of the Information and Culture department of Herat said that access to information is the right of all citizens and journalists, and efforts should be made to appoint people who are accountable to journalists in all departments.

This is while a number of journalists in Herat asked for cooperation in the area of access to information.
Meanwhile, 30 media outlets are operational in Herat, and currently, about 250 journalists are working with local, national, and international media in this province.

تازه ترین اخبار

Mon, Mar 20 2023 2:31 PM
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The UNAMA official met with the Director of Information and Culture in Bamiyan


Yesterday, the head of UNAMA, Sara Dimol, met with Mr. Saifur Rehman Mohammadi, the Director of Information and Culture of Bamyan province, in this department.
In this review, the. . .

Mon, Mar 20 2023 2:20 PM
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A meeting was held in Jawzjan to strengthen the relationship between the media and government agencies


Yesterday, a coordination meeting between the government and the media was held at the Department of Information and Culture of Jawzjan Province by the Committee for the Protection. . .

Sun, Mar 19 2023 12:13 PM
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A One-Day Seminar on Studying Tradition was held in the Eighth District of Kabul city


Yesterday, a one-day seminar was held by the Department of Public Libraries of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the 8th District of Kabul City, Syed Noor Muhammad Shah. . .