China Ready to Help Restore Afghan Culture Institutions

Mon, Jul 18 2022 3:24 PM
China Ready to Help Restore Afghan Culture Institutions

A Chinese official says that his country is ready to cooperate in the restoration of Afghan’s cultural and historical institutions.

In a meeting with Afghan Deputy of Culture and Arts Mawlawi Atiqullah Azizi, Mr. Hu Guoai a chinses economic and commercial counsellor for Afghanistan made that statement, on Saturday.

Azizi thanked his Chinese counterpart for his cooperation, calling China a true friend of Afghanistan in this severe time.

He said, “we need China’s further cooperation in the sector economic, culture, art, and archeology,”.

Meanwhile, Azizi asked the Chinese official to pay crucial attention to the preservation of relics discovered in the areas of Mes Aynak, while extracting coppers from the mine.

For his part the Chinese economic and commercial Counsellor for Afghanistan said his country is ready to cooperate in restoring Afghan historical and cultural institutions, adding that relics in Mes Aynak will be preserved will in the time of copper extraction.

Officials at the Ministry of Information and Culture repeatedly reaffirm their commitment to protecting, preservation of historical sites, and promoting Afghan cultural institutions.


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