Better Opportunities Provided for the Growth Tourism in the country

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Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy Prime Minister on “International Tourism Day” said at the celebration that now a better opportunity has been provided to develop the country's tourism industry.
A function on the occasion of the “International Tourism” on Sept 28 was attended by high ranks officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, during the process, the Deputy Prime Minister for Administration Affairs said that now a better opportunity is provided to develop the tourism industry in the country.

Afghanistan with its historical regions and natural landscapes is a good place for tourism and investment and the Islamic Emirate is committed to ensuring the security of domestic and foreign tourists and investors Hanafi added.
He said that now security has been established in the whole country and everyone, including foreign tourists, can go to any part of the country and visit historical places and natural landscapes without any security tension.
Later, acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, said with the success of the Islamic Emirate, peace and security have been ensured in the country and the good ground has been provided for tourism activities and the development of the sector.
Afghanistan is rich in minerals, ancient areas, historical sites, and natural landscapes, and these resources should be used for the country’s population and development Khairkhwa added.
He assured the efforts of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the development of the tourism sector and said that suitable opportunities have been provided for the development of the sector.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, Deputy Foreign Minister, spoke about the policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in attracting foreign tourists and said that in the past 40 years, different parts of the country have suffered.

He said that the development of the country depends on education, now there are suitable opportunities in the country and there is a need for experts in different fields.
He asked Afghan investors and experts living abroad to come to the country and contribute to the development of the country.
Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi the deputy for the Ministry of Culture speaking on the occasion said that with the arrival of the Islamic Emirate and the provision of security for tourism activities in the country the tourism Industry develop sharply.

Later, the Acting Minister of Vice and Virtue, Mawlawi Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, said that tourism from the perspective of Islam and Islamic principles has a special place in the Islamic system.
He said that tourism activities depend on the security and the Islamic Emirate has strengthened security throughout the country and people can travel to any part of the country.
During the function, a documentary film about the historical sites and natural landscapes of the country was displayed and the actors of the National Theater performed a skit on the occasion of the International Day of Tourism.

تازه ترین اخبار

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تم عقد الاجتماع الخمسين للدورات الإصلاحية


 (محافظة الزرنج) 4 رجب المرجب /1444) 

 وبحسب ما نقلته وكالة أنباء باختر ، فقد انعقد الاجتماع الإصلاحي الأسبوعي الخمسين لدورات نيمروز التثقيفية لدائرة الإعلام والثقافة تحت عنوان. . .

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تخرج 30 شابا من دورة الكتابة الشهرية في قسم الإعلام والثقافة في ولاية زابل


 منذ شهر بدأت الإدارة العامة لشئون الشباب في رئاسة الإعلام والثقافة بدورات التدريبية في مجال فن الكتابة وفن الخطابة في ولاية زابل وتم تنظيم حفل كبير في اليوم الاربعاء لخريجي هذه. . .

اثنين, يناير 23 2023 9:58 مساء
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عقد اجتماع لجنة تقييم الكتاب

  عقد اليوم الاثنين 30/6/1444 هـ ق  اجتماع هيئة تقييم الكتب برئاسة معالي السيد  مهاجر فراهي.
    النائب الوزارة لشؤون الإعلام بوزارة الإعلام والثقافة.
  و حضر فيها السيد عبدالحليم. . .