Watandaran (compatriots) Publication Department

The Watamdaram publication department based on sixth, 16th and 22nd articles of constitution that guarantees the equality of all ethnic groups and improving the third official languages of the country, was established in 1384 by the initiative of Ministry of Information and Culture and practically started publication. At the beginning, watandaran circulated in five languages this is Uzbeki, Baloochi, Pashai, Turkmeni and Nooristani.

This leaflet on 15- 2 – 1384 released as a single periodical in six pages. The first five issues of the periodical as above. Then, after 10 – 2- 1385, it released in five independent periodicals each in four page in above five languages.

Mr. Mohammad Zaman Kalmani was the first editor in chief of Watandaran who continued in the position until the second quarter of 1390. Then, Mr. Samiullah Taza assigned as editor in chief of Watandaran on 6- 4 – 1390 and he is continuing his duties in that position until now.

Watandaran periodical because of the demand of people and attention of Ministry of Information and Culture developed in to magazine in early 1395 with colored and beautiful cover.

Presently 20 personal and staff including the heads and editor in chief of magazines in five above languages are carrying their relative duties. Each of the magazines contains 80 pages. In spite of many problems, lack of technical facilities, regularly publishes monthly in 4200 copies.

One of the duties of Watandaran magazines is developing the third languages of the country and introducing the historical culture and the languages of ethnic groups residing in the country.

The magazines in addition of editorial release subjects monthly on important events in the country, the achievements of the state, essays on sporting security and defense forces of the country, campaign against narcotic drugs, Woman and children rights, religion, social, economic and cultural, health issues. The magazines are available for their readers free of charge in 20 provinces of the country.

It should  pointed out that the publication department of Watandaran since May 22 has started publication in Gujery language, which is a great move based on constitution regarding to improvement of local languages of the country.

-         Abdul Rahman Subhat son of Mohammad Eshan editor in chief of Turkmani Magazine

-         Weda daughter of Abdul Satar  editor in chief of Baluchi Magazine

-         Pahlawan Shah son of Eqbal Shah editor in chief of Pashai Magazine

-         Abdul Razaq son of Mohammad Omer editor in chief of Nooristani Magazine, and finally

-         Mohammad Rafiq son of Ghulam Qader serves as editor in chief of Uzbeki Magazine.