Anis Daily

Anis daily started its circulation as a periodical on May 5, 1917 for enlightening public opinions, dissemination of justice, implementation of law and ensuring relation with world community. Ghulam Mohammad Anis the concessioner of the periodical also served as editor in chief of publication, printed in 45 copies for the first time. Anis printed in Rafiq Press Company at the start of its circulation but in mid of its second year, printed in its own private press.

As the founder of Anis, Mr. Anis writes,” the administration practically succeeded to install a complete printing machine from the money paid by its subscribers, which enjoyed great credibility and popularity in the society. The press included 4 machines and other requirements of the press house.”

Anis periodical at the start of its circulation had 12 pages in published once in every 15 days. However, after the second year of its circulations, continued its publication as a weekly. It was during this time the slogan of “National, free and servant of movement magazine” added under its topic. The number of the magazine’s pages reached to 14 and 16 pages after the second year of its circulation.

The size of Anis during the first five years of its publication was 11/8 inches and release in two columns.

Anis periodical after the second year of its circulation faced a halt, but fortunately restarted its publication very soon. However, until now with some changes in its name, contents, and centers of its circulations has never stopped its circulations. As it is common, every media at the begining of its publication and its first issue expresses its publication goals and objectives. Late Anis observing this tradition, wrote on editorial: ´Anis as an infant in the world of press wants to be a friend in free time, in working period as an assistant, in solving the problems as an advisor and finally in practical and spiritual life as a guide serves to public.”

The founder of Anis daily writing the above lines pointed out to sympathizers and readers of the daily that the aim of his from publication of Anis is serving the community and want release subjects to be helpful for its readers everywhere.

Mr. Ghulam Muyhiddin was seeking to provide facilities for improving the physical and spiritual life of officials through acquainting them to their legal duties and, offering constructive guidance on economic, educational, medical, and managing house affairs.   

For this reason the editor in chief of Anis continued on the editorial and wrote, Anis daily from the first days of circulation comprehending the importance of serving people wanted to serve all strata of people but considering certain requirements, focused more particularly of state officials and employees.

To attract the attention of state officials to study Anis daily, or to his own words cherishing and offering attention to this infant added the above words addressing the officials wrote “ it is most of important the concessioner, the secretary and the provider of Anis daily’s  requirements  is an official therefore it would be need to serve the officials.”

The founder of Anis for better clearing the objectives of circulating the daily under the topic of Anis’s profession wrote, the Anis only aim is serving people in general and in particularly the officials to provide them with scientific, legal, spiritual and literally knowledge. Therefore, in every issue of the daily several issues regarding the life of official under the titles of Official in Duty, Official and Future, Official and Health, Official in Leisure Time and Official in office published in the newspaper.

In order, other readers not suspect that Anis only allocated to the officials and except the officials cannot benefit from its reading added to the above statements, “in addition every useful thing in condition to be in to the interests of public will be in contents of Anis.” Using public interests in one hand pointed out that Anis is not a private newspaper but a national, public and community servant daily. On the other hand taught the people who thought one can use the press for performing personal goals that if you want to be the colleague of Anis its first condition is that do not reflect private issues on Anis and whatever you write should be in public interests. Also not, expect you can use Anis as a means against your own enemies or used for yours or your friends fame in the society. If you praise someone, you should consider the extent of its benefit to the public. Likewise, if you criticize someone you should be aware from risks will pose to the society. He expressed his aim in the following words: “in releasing critical and acknowledging articles, Anis tries not intervene but in legal and emergency condition will consider public interests and individual and personal affects has no any interference and will have the right to edit the received essays or articles.”

Ghulam Muhyddin Anis after the collapse of Armani government, for fighting ensuring the rights of people and liberty took behind the bars of prison, suffering from the severe pain of tuberculosis and lost his life.

Anis died in Dehmazang in 1317 and buried in graveyard behind the prison known Pardisiha (passengers).

The second blow on Anis daily carried out in 1357 when Anis merged to Eslah daily.

Anis daily after late Anis

Late Anis was still alive and suffering severe pain from deadly disease, Mr. Sarwar Jouya a member of the then Kabul literary association worked as acting editor and chief of the daily, after the death of Mr. Anis in 1317, Mr. Jouya assigned as editor in chief of the daily.

Mr. Jouya not only extinguished the light lit by Mr. Ghulam Muyhiddin Anist, but increased its light further more. Unfortunately, due to his political activities went to the prison in 1327 and died on January 5, 1340 when he was 63 years old.

After the death of Jouya, Mr. Mohammad khogiani another friend of late Mr. Ghulam Muhiddin Anis, took the responsibly as editor In chief of Anis daily. Whlle Mr. Khogiani working as editor and chief of Anis, the daily changed from daily in to weekly and contents mostly were entertaining and artistic and rarely published political and critical issues.

Another figure who cooperated with Anis daily was late Mr. Abdul Rashid Latifi. He was the person who served Anis daily, while late Ghulam Muyhiddin Anis and Mr. Jouya worked as editor and chief of Anis.

The first phase of Mr. Latifi’s serving as editor in chief of Anis daily stated in 1319. During this period, he succeeded to upgrade the weekly to newspaper again. The daily was published in 4 pages. This activity continued until 1321, and then due to sparking of Second World War, which also badly affected Afghanistan, Anis circulated in 4 small pages.

Late Latifi in addition worked for Anis, he spent the major part of fruitful life in carrying artistic works. Finally, suffering deadly disease of cancer died on Friday June 11, 1344.

After late Latifi another associate of Anis took the responsibility of Anis daily, as editor in chief was Mohammad Osman Sudiqi. Mr. Sudiqi brought substantial changes in Anis. Among the positive changes was circulating the daily in bigger size and releasing the annual of Anis as a gift of Anis for its readers, which contained various literary, social, and historical subjects.  

Mr. Sudiqi managed the relative affairs of Anis until 1326 then Mr. Mohammad Hashim Maywanwal took the responsibility of Anis as editor in chief of the daily. One of outstanding event that took place in this time was establishment of a magazine called Zhoundoun (Life) a cultural magazine that regularly published alongside Anis for years.

Maywandwal worked as editor in chief of Anis until 1328, in that year he appointed as head of Independent Press Department. After Maywandwal, Mohammad Younus Hayran appointed as editor in chief of Anis daily. He worked in that position for a year, Hayran replaced by Mohammad Najim Aria in 1329 who worked as editor in chief of the daily until 1332.

There occurred no important developments in Anis while Mr. Haran and Mr. Aria served as editor in chief of the daily.

In 1332, Mohammad Khalid Roushan became the editor in chief of Anis and served in this post until 1336. After him, Mohammad Qasim Wajid assigned as editor in chief of Anis and served in this post until April 1338. One of well-known writer, who cooperated Anis daily, was Mohammad Ebrahim Abasi who after Sabahuddin Kashkaki selected as editor in chief of Anis. He had spared no any efforts for further popularity of Anis.

Abdul Hamid Mubariz was another famous figured who had the responsibility of running Anis as editor in chief in 1341. Then Sayed Khalil Roushan served as editor in chief of Anis in 1344. Mohammad Shafih Raguzer was the other figure who served as editor in chief of the daily from 1344 to 1349. Mohammad Ebrhim Abasi assigned as editor in chief of Anis for the second time in 1335 and served until  1355 in that post.  Sarshar Shemally worked as editor in chief of Anis from 1355 until April 1357, after him Dur Mohammad Wafakaish was editor in chief of Anis daily from 1357 to 1369. From 1359 until late 1361, Mohammad Zaman Mohmand was the editor in chief of Anis daily. In late 1361, Mohammad Safar Khwarikash assigned as editor in chief of the daily and served in that position until mid 1365. Likewise, Mohammad Esmail Mahshour from 1365 until early months of 1368 took the management of Anis as editor in chier. Then Mr. Jalal Noorani served as editor in chief of Anis from 1368 to 1371. In addition, Mr. Ghulam Rasoul Qarluq has served as editor in chief of Anis from 1371 to 1375.

Ahmad Zia Siamak Herawi led Anis affairs as editor in chief from 1381 to 1383. Then Mr. Sakhi Muneer managed Anis affairs as editor in chief from 1383 to 1386.  During the time he worked as editor in chief of Anis, the daily seen a series of changes in its circulation and number of its pages. Faizullah Muhtaj also served as editor in chief of Anis for two years from 1386 to 1388.

Mohammad Qassim Suroush was the editor in chief of Anis from 1388 to 1390. During this time, specific pages under various titles established. Ali Mohammad Sadiqyar was editor in chief of Anis daily from 1390 to 1301, and then Hayatullah Bakhshi served as editor in chief of the daily for one year from early months of 1391 up to early months of 1392.  Sayed Fazlulhaq Assigned as editor and chief Anis daily in June 17, 1392 and continued his duties until early April 1383. Then his successor Ahamad Shakeer Zabi served as editor in chief of Anis daily from April 29 until December 25, 1395 the date this report has written. It  should mentioned that during the career of Ahmad Shakeer Zarbi, the daily’s 8 pages allocated to particular fields of life such as political analysis, world and politic, social, political, cultural issues  and advertisements.

From the beginning of 1395, due to shortage of budget Ministry of Information and Culture reduced the number of daily’s pages in to four pages.