Tangible, Intangible Heritages Precious Assets, Minister Safi

Kabul (BNA) Turquoise Mountain (Firozkoh) cultural institution’s in charges handed over the documents of four intangible cultural heritages items to Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi, BNA reported on Tuesday.
The documentary of the items has been made by Firozkoh Institution which incurving and Robab making, the agency further said.
The mentioned items have been made in line with international standards and would be proposed its inclusion in world cultural heritage list after approval by the ministry of information and culture.
The meeting which was also attended by the ministry’s cultural advisor Khoshal Rohi, archeology department’s director Noor Aqha Noori and people’s culture department’s director Mahbooba Babakarkhil, variety of issues, including holding of professional education courses on restoring and protection of tangible and intangible historical relics and signing a cooperation agreement between the ministry and the institution also discussed, BNA added.
Calling tangible and intangible cultural heritages the country’s precious asset, Minister Safi while thanking firozkoh institution for cooperation with the ministry stressed on continued cooperation between the two sides.