Provincial Youth Affair’s Reports Presented In A Meeting

Countrywide youth affairs managers provided their reports in a meeting chaired by deputy to the youth affairs of the ministry of information and culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat, a statement from his office said the other day.
The meeting was held to assess the reports about the activities of the related in-charges in the provincial youth affairs and that to help improve the youth situation, said the statement.
The participant, alongside their reports discussed their problems with the deputy youth affairs minister and asked the related organs and the government for meeting the challenges.
The youth’s situation improvement and development of the country was the main aim of the meeting, said the deputy minister.
Insecurity was also the main problem in some provinces, where the participants said should be removed, according to the statement quoting the deputy youth affairs minister, Dr. Sadat saying the youth should do their best to improve their situation, by using little facilities for more and effective development.