Prof. Bawari Visits Ghazni, Insists Reconstruction of Historical Monuments

Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, acting minister of information and culture during his visit to Ghazni province, urged the organs concerned to soon step up for basic repairing of the provincial historical monuments, BNA reported the other day.
Bawari added that the historical monuments of the ancient city needed fundamental reconstruction, as they were not basically repaired to mark the 2013 festival, the agency quoted. “Currently, a professional team of the ministry of information and culture is involved in repairing the provincial historical monuments,” said the minister adding all historical monuments in the center and districts of the province are expected to be repaired. Expressing concern over the usurpation of the historical sites by land-grabbers, he said the historical areas should be recovered from them as soon as possible, the agency quoted.
He instructed for returning the usurped historical objects and said illegal excavation of the historical sites should be banned. Thanking the acting minister of information and culture for his visit to the province’s historical sites, governor, Eng. Abdul Karim Mateen and asked the ministry for doing more in prevention of destruction and collapse of the historical monuments in the province. He said that the president has ordered that Ghazni Fortress should repaired. According to another report, new building of the provincial information and culture, which was built at the cost of up to 26 million Afghanis, and the provincial national museum built at the cost of up to 8 million Afghanis from the budget of the ministry inaugurated and put in utilization.
The acting minister and the governor of Ghazni also attended the utilization ceremony of the Al-Beroni library, which according to the provincial director of information and culture department of Ghazni, at the present the library contained up to 6,000 various books. Numerous books of the mentioned library annihilated due to terrorists attack in 2014, now trying to make enrich the library again, the provincial director added.