MoIC, UNESCO Representative Discuss Programs on Bamyan, Mis-e-Aynak Historical Monuments

 The Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari in a meeting with UNESCO cultural representative discussed programs on Bamyan and Mis-e-Aynak historical monuments, BNA reported.
In the meeting, variety of issues pertaining joint session of ministries of information and culture and urban development and housing on cultural master-plan which is expected to be held in Bamyan, the symposium on repairing Bamyan statues which will be held in Japan as well as the cooperation agreement between the ministry of information and culture and UNESCO on protection of cultural heritages were discussed.
Stressing on joint efforts among the relevant organs in the respect, the acting minister of information and culture appreciated UNESCO for its cooperation with his ministry, BNA added.  According to another report, in a meeting with head and some members of Maidan-Wardak Social Council, the acting minister of information and culture, Prof, Bawari said the ministry would cooperate in building Ghazi Mohammad Jan Khan Wardak Mausoleum.