Minister Safi Vows to do More for BNA Improvement

Kabul (BNA) Acting and nominee minister of information and culture, Hasina Safi, in a meeting with the officials and staff of BNA pledged to tackle their problems and provide them with the required materials.
After hearing the agency’s problems shared by Sayed Habib Sadat, acting director of the agency Ms. Safi thanked them for doing a lot of works despite lacking enough resources.
At average, nearly 4,000 people read various stories, including news, reports, interviews and other media related information, through the agency’s websites each day, according to a report released from the agency.
The country’s minister of information and culture promised not to spare any efforts to address the problems faced by the agency.
She called the media role, the most important factor in the information field and stressed for considering national unity through media activities, according to the report.