Minister Safi Stresses Promotion of ‘Decreasing Violence Against Women’s Culture’

Kabul (BNA) During a news conference held on Sunday, Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi briefed about her ministry’s plans on ‘International Day on Elimination of Violence against Women, ‘BNA reported.
Violence against women is an unacceptable phenomenon which is recognized as an improper culture in majority of world countries, she further said.
She added this day has been approved by UN in 1999 and it is annually celebrated worldwide.
Stressing on promotion of decreasing violence against women’s culture, establishing a supporting system for women and practicing the relevant laws, Acting MoIC said Afghanistan was among those countries that violence against women originated from poverty, ecumenical problems and psychological diseases.
She pointed out that in accordance with law on elimination of violence against women and children, the ministry of information and culture is obliged to arrange and broadcast issues related to prevention of this phenomenon in printing and audiovisual media.
To prevent the culture of violence against women, the ministry of information and culture has attended a 16-day campaign, during which different programs such as movie shows, theater shows, historical relics, painting and women handicrafts exhibitions and many others would be held, she continued.  During the conference, representing female journalists and Afghan women network, Farida Nikzad and Najib Rahil said that vilence against women was an ugly phenomenon which not only exists in Afghanistan but in all world countries as well.