Media Should Focus On National Interests & Afghani Culture, Prof. Bawary

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawary, a meeting of high media council was held yesterday.
In the session in which codification of new media policy was discussed, acting minister of information and culture stressed that media was obliged to practice national interests in their broadcasts and not to broadcast program that could harm our national unity, culture and interests.
He said that MoIC believed that there was no prior censor for media broadcasts, it did not mean media did not take national interests into consideration.
In the session, members of the council discussed codification of media policy and works.
According to another report, in high art council chaired also by acting minister of information and culture committees and members for high art council were introduced.
In the meeting, Prof. Bawary said those figures who were professionals and had experiences should be introduced for the council’s committees.
He stressed that high art council was an independent council rather than a government one, so government employees would not be introduced as heads of the council’s committees.