Commission On ‘Paktika In The Course of History Seminar’ Holds First Meeting

Chaired by Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, the commission on “Paktika In The Course of History Seminar” held first meeting, Bakhtar News Agency said the other day.
According to the agency quoting the acting minister of information and culture, Mohammad Rassoul Bawari the meeting was held to further introduce Paktika province.
“The meeting was held to discuss the provincial culture, social, economic and political situation of the Paktika through the seminar,” said the agency.  He said his led ministry would do its all-out efforts to well manage and hold the seminar, the agency reported adding issues on set the timeline for holding the seminar and how to invite the guests and visitors and procurements of the facilities were also discussed.
The participants presented their suggestions on the issue and emphasized on well holding the seminar.