Arghawan Flower National Festival Held in Parwan

 5th Arghawan (Purple) Flower National Festival was celebrated in Gul Ghundi Hell, center of Parwan province in the presence of hundreds of youths, poets, writers and governmental officials, BNA reported.
According to the agency, calling celebration of traditional festivals and gathering poets, culturists, writers and people from around the country a symbol of national-cultural values, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on administrative and Tourism Affairs, Prof. Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavei said such festivals could be effective in strengthening national unity and development of culture.
Pointing at ancient history of Parwan, existence of tens of historical and recreational sites and tourism attractions in the province, Ms. Mostafavei said nothing eye-catching had been done so far in tourism sector in Afghanistan.
Therefore, the ministry of information and culture is trying to organize such programs to draw the attention of foreign and domestic tourists to the countries historical and recreations sites, she added.
The provincial governor of Parwan, Mohammad Asim Asim called gathering of poets, culturists and people of different provinces the symbol of national unity and thanked the organizer of the festival, the agency added.
The province’s head of information and culture department, Abdul Wahid Hashimi said that the aim of the festival was to celebrate the nature and pay attention to greenery and environment.  BNA added.