Practical Steps Should be Taken to Implement Law on Access to Information, President Ghani

Kabul (BNA) In a meeting with members of the commission on access to information, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani heard their problems and demands, BNA reported.
During the meeting, head and deputy of the commission Ainuddin Bahaduri and Najiba Muram spoke about the commission’s activities said that Afghanistan’s law on access to information has got the first position in the world and this achievement is made due to the President’s attention. Thanking the President for his supports from the commission and generally, freedom of speech, head and deputy of the commission pointed out that we are making effort to improve the entity and fulfil the people and government’s expectations. They added that the commission has so far provided many legal documents and educational guidelines, addressed the people’s complaints and held over forty meetings with the government officials and media staff. After hearing their talks, the President thanked the commission’s members for their activities and efforts said that an all-around campaign is needed to perform a specific awareness in the center and other provinces in this regard. The President clarified that the law on access to information has been codified and it is the best law, thus, practical steps should be taken to executive it. At the end, a commission’s member Hamdullah Arbab gifted three paintings of Ahmad Shah Baba, Mirwais Nika and Ghazi Amanullah Khan to the President.