Preservation of Historical Monuments, MoIC’s Priority, Minister Safi

Kabul (BNA)  Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi stressed that preservation of historical monuments particularly Ghazni’s was in her ministry’s priority, adding serious steps will be taken to repair and protect them, BNA reported on Wednesday.
According to the agency, Acting Minister Safi in a meeting attended by director of Ghazni information and culture department and director of the ministry’s historical monuments department spoke about destruction of Al-Ghaznain Castle, adding it was repaired in 2013.
She added works on 11 projects of repairing and preservation of Ghazni city’s historical monuments started in 2018.
This is while that recently, some parts of Al-Ghaznain Castle has collapsed, after which the social media criticized Ghazni province’s information and culture department in-charges for their inattention in this respect.