Minister Safi’s Message on ‘International Women’s Day’

Kabul (BNA)  Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi, in a message congratulated the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day’ to all Afghan and world women, wishing them success and fully declared her ministry’s support of them.
“The Ministry of information and Culture is honoring this day at the time that over lathe last seventeen years, better opportunities and ground for activities have been provided to Afghan women,” the message said, adding the opportunities helped the Afghan people said particularly improved women’s situation with the true support of the elected government and the international community.
Emphasizing on women partnership in all fields, the Ministry of Information and Culture pledges that in line with the internationals women conventions, which the government of Afghanistan has got its membership, to make efforts in improving culture and bolstering women social relations in the country.
“The ministry asks Ulama families, media and the influential figures that based on holy religion of Islam, to make efforts on elimination of any kind of discrimination and violence against women,” the message further said.
The Ministry of Information and Culture asks all state run and private audiovisual media to broadcast awareness programs on women’s rights and help families to live in peace and prosperity, the message said.
Meanwhile in her message, Minister Safi asked the Afghan women to defend their rights, “.  “Mutual respect will be done by ensuring human rights, growth and public welfare, “Minister Safi said in the message, hoping for solidarity, ensuring lasting peace and stability to future generations.