Tourism Changing Social Distances Caused By Violence To National Solidarity, VP

World Tourism Day commemorated in a ceremony held in Kabu with participants of Vice President Sarwar Danesh, Acting minister of information and culture and a number of high-ranking officials yesterday.
In the ceremony, Vice President while pointing to tourism in the country stressed on serious attention to tourism industry, adding that by proper cultural policy and providing necessary possibilities it was needed to pave ways for visit of more tourists to the country. Considering insecurity, lack of necessary possibilities for tourists, weak marketing for tourism, lack of necessary attention to preservation and maintenance of historic monuments as obstacles and challenges, Danesh stressed that in order to address such challenges, it was necessary to prepare proper national policies and plans in this regard. Related to role of tourism industry and increasing of national incomes, second vice-president added that from point of cultural vision, tourism industry could introduce Afghanistan, having ancient and historic civilization to the world and would result in absorption of investment and strengthening of the country’s economy.
Second vice-president by asserting that private sector could provide necessary facilitations to tourists by investing in tourism industry in the country and stressed on expansion of domestic tourism, adding that unfortunately years of wars and insecurities in the country have created distances among residents of various provinces, which have caused that various tribes and people got acquainted with traditions and culture of each other. Second vice-president asked MoIC, MoE, MoHE, MoBT and other relevant government institutions to manage tourist and cultural tours for youth of various tribes to visit various parts of the country and execute various joint cultural and local art programs so tourism industry would be strengthened and national solidarity and convergence increased. In the ceremony, deputy minister of administrative and tourism Sayeda Mojgan Mustafavi spoke said, “I hope that holding such programs attract full attention of government and non-government officials to significance of tourism industry in economic, social and cultural development.” “Our main goals in tourism industry sector are to expand the industry, attract of foreign and domestic tourists and increase of national incomes of the country from this sector,” said Mustafavi, adding that in consideration to importance of enduring tourism, UN general assembly declared 2017 as enduring world tourism and its development.