44th Death Anniversary of Mawlana Khasta Commemorated In Kabul

A seminar was held yesterday by ministry of information and culture to commemorate 44th death anniversary of Mawlana Khal Mohammad Khasta in Kabul.
In the seminar, message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was read out by advisor to president on cultural affairs Asadullah Ghazanfar.
In his message President Ghani while expressing happiness about commemorating memory of Mawlana Khal Mohammad Khasta named him as calligrapher, poet, historian and researcher of literature, saying that Mawlana had fulfilled valuable works for culture and literature of Afghanistan.
“Mawlana Khasta without consideration to name, reputation and financial wage made effort towards strengthening, protection and transferring of the country’s culture and put tangible impact on literal and cultural processes. He was poor, pious and dervish and got acquainted with Islamic mysticism,” said President Ghani in his message.
Afterwards, acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari spoke and briefed related to personality and works of Mawlana Khasta.
Meanwhile, message of the country’s chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah was read out by advisor to chief executive Mohammad Waez Zada. In his message, the country’s chief executive named Mawlana Khasta as poet, top writer and correspondent as well as calligrapher.
At the end of the seminar, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Fazil Sancharaki granted a book of Mawlana Khasta ‘Tazkira Negaran’ published by Behaqi Books Publishers to Mohammad Yousuf Khasta, son of Mawlana Khasta and asserted that articles delivered in the seminar would be published in a collection by ministry of information and culture.
In the seminar, various scholars and lecturers of Kabul University spoke and briefed related to life and works of Mawlana Khal Mohammad Khasta.