Child Book Exhibition Opened In Kabul

On the occasion of Book Week, special child book exhibition was opened in Babur Garden of Kabul.
The exhibition was held in cooperation with MoIC, Goete Institute, Kabul University, Children Support Post and Publishers Association.
In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion, the message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was read out.  In his message, President Ghani said, “Experiences, memories and information are delivered by book from generation to generation and it is worth mentioning that book is the most valuable product of human’s hand.
If there were not book, definitely human civilization would no reach to this destination”.
In the message, ministry of information and culture was praised for celebrating the Week of Book and encouragement of book-reading culture in Afghanistan society.
In the ceremony, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Sayed Fazil Aqa Sancharaki spoke and said no considerable attention has been paid to book-reading culture during the past 15 years, therefore, it was needed to promote book-reading culture among youth and children in the country.