Prof. Bawari Chairs Consultative Session

Chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture Prof. Rasoul Bawari, a consultative session was held yesterday for expansion of cooperation between the ministry and cultural and civil society organizations. BNA reports.
In the session, acting minister of information and culture considered close cooperation between MoIC, civil society and cultural organizations as significant need.
Briefing in connection with marking the support and protection cultural heritages day by MoIC and MoUs signed between MoIC with MRRD, MoUD and Kabul municipality for protection and further support of the country’s historical and cultural heritages, Prof. Bawari asked the respective organizations to make effort more towards protection of the country’s historical and cultural heritages besides their cooperation with MoIC.
Acting minister of information and culture added that historical and cultural heritages were national investments of Afghanistan and showing historical identification of the country.
Afterwards, cultural advisor to MoIC Khoshal Rohi said effort would be made in the session that how they could provide facility for close cooperation between MoIC and civil society and cultural organizations.